Artisanal Cheese Board* / 38 (for 2 to 3 people) imported & domestic cheeses, w/ fruit, nuts, & bread (Chef selection)

Cured Meat Board* / 38 (for 2 to 3 people) imported cured meats with fruit, nuts, bread. (Chef selection)

Bar Snacks

French Onion Dip / 9
housemade & kettle chips

Vegan Queso* / 9
cashew based, peppery notes, served w/ corn chips


Margherita / 20
cherry tomatoes, sautéed baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, basil

Bacon & Potatoes 20
flatbread w/ caramelized onions, kings cut bacon, potatoes, melted gruyere & shaved dehydrated egg yolks

Figgy Smalls 22
flatbread layered w/ fig jam, prosciutto, goat cheese crumble, topped w/ arugula & pistachio’s


Vegetarian Ceviche* / 14
avocado, hearts of palm, mango, lime, cilantro,

Beignet Sarriette* 16
fluffy beignets, artichoke tomato salad, w/ crisp parmesan tuile

Bacon & Egg Avocado Toast* 16
crostini, avocado, sliced bacon, poached egg w/ hollandaise & paprika

Lox Mascarpone Crostini* 17
chilled smoked salmon lox, mascarpone mousse, toasted pumpernickel, fresh dill

Kale Caesar Salad* / 12 (add chicken shawarma +4) crunchy kale, sourdough croutons, house-made anchovy dressing

Beets & Grains* 16
roasted beets, quinoa, garbanzo beans, onions, roasted kale, feta cheese & honey vinaigrette

Tuna Tartare* / 23

ahi tuna, lemongrass marinade, wasabi aioli, fresh cucumber, wakame & red chili flakes

Flats & Drums 17
sweet, savory chicken wings, roasted agave nectar, roasted onions and long hot pepper

Sliced Steak Chimichurri* / 48
New York strip sliced, cremini mushrooms, roasted onions, carrots, potatoes ,over baby arugula greens & our house-made chimichurri